Welcome to OtiCami

Family Maine Coon cats cattery


We are polish family living in China - Guangzhou city, few years already. For as long as we can remember both of us have been animal lovers. In December of 2010 we bought our first Maine Coon. He is a beautiful Brown Tabby male named OTIS. After Otis came to live with us we fell in love with this breed, their loving personality, friendly temper and almost whole day “talking”. We decided to start a small cattery in our home specializing in the Maine Coon Breed and introduce this amazing breed to Chinese people. Next step to realize our dreams was buying beautiful red female named CAMI. From names of these first arrived Maine Coon cats we’ve named our cattery: OTI-CAMI. Starting this cattery is our dream come true. We are double happy that our children are sharing our passion to the cats. They are very supportive in daily care about our cats and never-ending plays.


OtiCami Cattery and all of our cats are registered with CFA. All of our Maine Coons comes from the best European catteries. Our breeding program includes top European bloodlines that are focused on breeding healthy, friendly, ideal in type, and big Maine Coons. They have a lot of championship lines in their pedigrees but no matter which title they can win at the show, each one is our very special top cat at home. Our goal is to breed healthy and strong cats with lovely temper and typical feral look. Our babies will be raised as part of our family, underfoot with space to roam. Every kitty will be very well socialized before going to their new homes at 16-18 weeks of age. Kittens will be placed fully vaccinated with a health book, pedigree and CFA pre-registration. Maine Coon kittens are a cat lover's dream! Our goal is to breed healthy, big and good in type Maine Coons with the lovely temper they are famous for. Kittens in our cattery are raised in our bedroom and are handled several times a day from birth on. They are socialized with other cats, our children and dog so they will readily adjust to new homes. OtiCami kittens will be ready to go to new homes when they are at least 16-18 weeks , fully vaccinated and de-wormed. They will have a vaccination certificate and CFA registration slip. There will be also a contract to sign. Kittens sold for Pet, will all be neutered before leaving our house.


Many thanks for your interest in our cats. If you are here it means that maybe you consider to adopt one of our sweet kittens. We welcome this very much, but before you send us an email you should know something. Cats are our passion and we treat them as family members. We witness all births in our house, and from the first moments the kittens are part of our family and everyday life. After a few months spent with the kittens it’s very difficult for us to give in someone else's hands. It is even more difficult if it is a complete stranger. Therefore, we ask for a short introduction of yourself in the first email to us. Please let us know what your experience with cats is, where you live and what you do on a daily basis. We will be happy if you also tell us something about the rest of the family members that live with you. Is there any special reason why you decided to have a cat right now? It is very important that you specify which of our cats you like the most. We would like to know what characteristics the cat has is best for you, cats are like people sometimes restless and sometimes calm. When you are choosing a cat do not look only for his appearance but also for his character and how he will fit into your expectations. Do not worry if you completely don’t have experience with cats, tell us about this, we will help you with our experience and support. Please understand that it is very difficult for us to respond an email with only one sentence asking "how much for cat”